Eliah Rael

Hello and welcome! I’m honored that you found your way to Anthroposophy Alive and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share options to learn and explore further with you. 

I like to think of myself as a catalyst for people to gain more clarity about their lives and what they are here to accomplish from a larger biographical and historical context. As we learn to view the unfolding of our “life story” through the lens of individual and world cycles of development as understood from an anthroposophical perspective, the possibility arises to perceive life aims, lessons, and destiny influences with greater acuity and understanding. 

By profession I am a personal, world and money biographer, a business consultant, a numismatist – or money historian and rare coin dealer. I’ve been an entrepreneur from an early age, which allows me the ability and freedom to structure my life according to my priorities.

I’ve learned a lot through the daily interactions and conversations with my wife, Vivianne, as well as all the lessons and joys of fathering our free thinking, creative daughter, Elisha and son, James.  It has been an intention of mine to serve as a leader in our family and the community we live in from an entrepreneurial spirit. 

As a Pisces, my intuition is my compass in most situations as I listen to where my hands and feet lead me. I strive to be awake to who is in front of me and continuously ask myself “what is possible?” in any given situation.

I am deeply appreciative that by destiny I have had the time to read most, if not all, of Rudolf Steiner‘s lectures that have been translated into English and have a gift of remembering and synthesizing what I have read so it is accessible to me as I encounter new riddles and mysteries each day.

I am in awe of the wonder of the creative potential that lies within every human being as well as the mysteries of nature. I am an avid gardener and I love to nurture the land in my care through biodynamic gardening and landscaping. I especially enjoy creating a beautiful habitat for butterflies and silk moths in our backyard gardens in semi-tropical South Carolina.

My passion is to support people to grow and chrysalismetamorphose through their life stages so they can evolve their innate potential just as the caterpillar goes through its molting phases to become a butterfly.

Entrepreneurship is one path to develop that potential. I have found that to be successful with business requires that one has a good understanding of and relationship to money. Money has always played a significant role in my life – for better or for worse. I am fortunate to have created enough income in my life to have some great adventures and learning experiences. I have also experienced tragic painful losses and trials. All of it has contributed to shaping me into who I am today.

I believe we all come into our lives with innate gifts and potential and that to make the most of our lives, we can learn to cultivate the “soil of our souls” through each seven year cycle of development. It is not a given anymore that human beings evolve beyond the age of 28. Up until then, a Monarch_Butterfly_Danaus_plexippus_Milkweednatural process of unfolding takes place due to the social circumstances and destiny we chose to take on. After 28, however, it is up to us to develop the faculties to “listen” to our inner compass and take initiative based on our inner insights with the vulnerability to “hear” what the world is asking of us. We are challenged to take responsibility for our lives and our inner growth depends on how much we are willing to open to what is wanting to “emerge through us” in collaboration with the world.

Money as a Reflection of Our Consciousness 

As an entrepreneur and numismatist who has engaged in a multitude of transactions with literally thousands of individuals, and millions of dollars, I’ve had my share of initiatory challenges and trials with money. I’ve learned to wake up through my mistakes and have gained self confidence through all my exchanges and experiences. I can corroborate Rudolf Steiner’s assertion that “how we relate to money is a direct reflection of our consciousness” and that the “initiates of old can now be found as entrepreneurs at the helms of business”.

worldecon_covsWhen I first read Steiner’s book entitled, World Economy, it was a revolutionary turning point for me. I was at a coin show and had brought it along with me. As I began to read it, It impacted me so deeply, that I stayed in my room and read the book for the entire weekend. In fact I left the coin business for several years to research what it would take to the practically implement Steiner’s new economic paradigm.


Athenian Owl – The Goddess Athena’s totem

During my years of active research and community engagement, I also traced the origins of money as physical coinage to the Mystery Temples of Greece under the influence of Pythagoras. The first coins were engraved with the initiation knowledge of the Temples and had a specific ratio in size according to the esoteric significance of gold, silver and copper to the planets and how fast they moved against the zodiac. Silver, which is related to the Moon, revolved 13 times as fast as the Sun, which is related to gold. Hence the Silver coins were roughly 13 times the size of the Gold coins when money first appeared as coinage.

The original Greek coinage had images of the initiation language from the temples at the time which can be corroborated in many of Steiner’s lectures. The coins were struck in the temples and thought to be used as a form of bookkeeping by the temple preists and preistesses. The economy and the resources were managed from the temples. The early coins were not owned personally. The economy was not yet conscious among individuals.

I was able to verify Steiner’s assertion that our relationship to money, the earth’s resources, and to one another is significantly interwoven with our evolving consciousness. My research led me to unveil an evolutionary biography of humanities relationship to money as reflected in our cultural paradigms through the ages, culminating with a new way of working in a spirit of collaborative economics based on Rudolf Steiner’s lectures called by many, associative economics.

I find that this last century is leading toward a turning point of a long journey of humanities’ “coming of age” with money and with ourselves. As earthly resources are being used and/or destroyed at an alarming rate, we are now asked to wake up and steward cash flow in such a way that we become congruent with the intentions and core values of our lives. Our future depends on it.

One aspect of my aim in life is to unveil the history of money and how it has served our evolving consciousness and how that history is mirrored in our personal biographies. I believe we are on the verge of a huge economic shift and we can understand it more deeply from a broad panoramic perspective.


What is fascinating to me is that, historically, money incarnated just as our thinking began to be individualized in Ancient Greece.

Today we can see money excarnating from physical form and is largely traded by electronic transfers. In the early part of the last century, Rudolf Steiner predicted that money would become bookkeeping and that neither capitalism nor socialism – would last more than 100 years. Greece is now at another crossroads as I write and just as the Greeks once initiated the incarnation of money into physical form they have another possibility to break out of the current paradigm of debt based capitalism that is not sustainable.

Just as money is being freed from physical form, our thinking, as demonstrated by Rudolf Steiner, now has the mobility to trace our transactions through accounting without the need for an anchor, such as gold or silver tangible coins.

Through our ability to wake up to ourselves, we have the possibility to re-experience ourselves as spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Just as we are awakening we are faced with a world wide economic crises.

Our thinking requires a new depth and agility to understand and penetrate the nature of our current economic system based on an old paradigm of thinking. We are challenged to begin to imagine a new relationship as to how money is created, the long term impact of our choices with money, and the differentiated forms of money that flows through our hands. Rudolf Steiner has articulated a path for this newly emancipated economy from a dynamic perspective which has been elaborated by others in our time, and will be explored further in the Money Unveiled AE Circles

Who Will You Be?

Artistic rendering of the Goetheannum by Jannabeth Roel – www.jannebeth.com

Another one of my biggest aims is to support you to you to gain an evolutionary context from which to view your life from a threefold perspective of economic, social and spiritual life and how money figures in it. Every human being recapitulates the evolutionary unfolding of humanity in their personal biography and we are currently poised at the emerging edge of a new frontier of possibility in all areas of life. Are you fulfilling the highest potential for your life that is congruent with the needs of our time?

I invite you to join me on the second and fourth Wed. of every month for interactive calls: Destiny Unveiled, Evolutionary Explorations in Personal and World Destiny – a world-wide teleconference call. For a minimal fee you will have access to me and my research as we explore current news topics, cycle of the year events, and biographical questions of interest. All calls will also include dialogue and participants will be encouraged to bring their questions.

When we wake up to our individual calling and our cash flow from a responsible associative economic perspective, we can then create associative relationships with others who share our core values and begin to explore how to build collaborative community and associative economically based eco-villages out of a new life paradigm. That would be the culmination of my life striving – to find myself within an anthroposophically inspired eco-village. Will you join me?