Anthroposophy Alive
Collaborative Conversations

In Light of the Soul, The Season, and Our Shared Responsibility
to Meet the Challenges of Our Time


With Eliah Rael, individual, Business and World Biographer

Vivianne Sinclaire, Purpose, Path and Threshold Care Facilitator

Guests and You?

We warmly welcome you to explore with us as we invite Anthroposophia to be the inspiring spirit of our conversation! 

Anthroposophia Speaks: I am the Past, the Present and the Future
Every Mortal is Called to Lift My Veil

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General Aims of our Live and Recorded Conversations:

  • Development of Soul Cognitive Capacities to connect with our visible and invisible community through the cycle of the year and the thresholds of life and death
  • See Our Individual Life Stories against the Backdrop of Humanity’s Evolving Story from a spiritual scientific perspective as we gain insight into the nature of the trials we currently face – both individually and collectively
  • Explore Karmic Relationships as they reveal themselves in both personal and World destiny.
  • Perceive Current Events from a World-Historic Perspective and the contribution of key influencers in the unfolding evolutionary journey of humanity so we can “see through” the appearances and discern the deeper impact of current policies and procedures. We’ll consider topics such as the widespread epidemic of dementia, economic disparities, the unrest in the Middle East, the current economic situation, and the resources we have within spiritual science to help us orient ourselves.
  • Explore Rudolf Steiner’s Destiny Task for all of humanity from an evolutionary perspective
  • Respect the Christmas Conference and the Refounding of the Anthroposophical Society during the Holy Nights of 1923-24  as a Turning Point in Time: How do we make it alive in our lives and initiatives as a source of renewal each year and carry it in our thoughts, words and deeds as a supportive community building power throughout the year?
  • Examine the Seven Year Cycles of Our Individual Biographies as a Recapitulation of the Evolutionary Cycles of World Biography so we can be more awake to our own and others’ unfolding soul cycles and the tasks of our time from a larger context.


Conversations may be Live or Recorded We look forward to meeting those of you who choose to join us for the calls we schedule that are live! 

Eliah Rael

Eliah Rael


Vivianne Sinclaire

Facilitated by Eliah Rael and Vivianne Sinclaire:

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