Is it Time for Anthroposophically Inspired
Associative Economic Village Communities??

It will be the task of people in the West to understand the means by which the aggregate of the village community can be organized. – Rudolf Steiner, Spiritual Science as a Foundation for Social Forms

The right associative life has the possibility to arise out of the West. If it proves to be capable of this task, those from the East will say: “Our life once flowed into brotherhood. In the course of time, this disappeared; the advance of humanity took it away from us. The West causes it (brother-sisterhood) to blossom again out of the associative economic life. It restores the vanished confidence in true humanness.” – Rudolf Steiner GA 36

earthImagine a collaborative land-based community formed with the intention to nurture the environment, support individual destiny, create restorative relationships, and cultivate dynamic associative cash flow?

Are you tired of isolationist living and thinking? Would you be willing to settle for less personally, and contribute more to a larger pioneering infrastructure? where everyone’s voice is considered in relationship to the whole, and where each person is conscious of how their initiatives are reflected in the overall budget?

What if you were able to create, rent, or lease your own private modest living space flowform (2)embedded in a larger community setting with the possibility for dynamically shared kitchens, dining areas, gathering spaces, movie and tv spaces, gardens, studio and business spaces, and a library? What if the collaborative spaces were designed and built as an entrepreneurial and educational project? What if fuel efficient vehicles were co-owned and maintained, and transportation was orchestrated in an efficient and effective way? What if both entrepreneurship and education were supported so that your income could be generated on site if it supported your destiny aims and talents?

We believe our current lifestyles are unsustainable and unsatisfying and that a land based educational and entrepreneurial village community is an idea whose time has come!



If you resonate with this possibility, we invite you to connect with us via the contact form or by email (our contact email is also on the contact page) to be considered as a prospective collaborative partner in a pioneering social experiment. We are looking for economic partners and visionaries who see the new village community as the way forward.

We will personally connect with each person who has a genuine interest and will soon provide a platform for community conversations.