Answers to Frequently Asked Call in Questions 
Many of you call in from various places around the world. The Conference Call Company that we chose enables us to offer a free call with an abundance of local Call In numbers from around the world.
You can access the international call in numbers HERE
Calling into those numbers will be like calling any other local number in your area and rates may vary according to the phone you use and the calling plan you have. In other words, if you have unlimited call access in your area there should be no charge for the call.
If you don’t find access from where you are, there may be VOIP options that are free which you may be able to download so you can dial in from your computer at no cost to you. Unfortunately, we have limited experience with this process at this time. If you have a methodology and would be willing to share, we be most appreciative and will post it here.
  • We suggest you do google search for Free VOIP Software which you may be able to download to use to call in from your computer. You might try Google Voice as well? it is free with a google account but not sure what the rates would be to dial into a land line. It is minimal or free in the States but not sure about elsewhere.

The Conference Call Company we chose disabled their Skype access address due to poor call quality with the Skype connection.

If you have trouble getting on any of the calls, we apologize for any inconvenience but please know that all conversations will be recorded and if you registered for the Conversation you will receive the recording within 24 hours after the live call.

  • We welcome your comments, questions, and insights after you listen to the recorded conversation.
  • Anyone who has registered for the Call will receive a follow up email after the call with the recording and a way to share further.
If you email for support the day of any given call, we’ll do our best to get back to you in as timely of a manner as possible but we may be busy preparing for our offering. We are a small team!
Thanks so much for your interest. Please do stay in conversation about any call issues and as we develop our programs will find new innovative ways to connect to make it accessible to you!
Vivianne: support (at)